To put faces on stones, as children do, is to attempt to bring the dead to life.


To be stony-faced is to render a living thing, the human body, death-like.


To be stoned is to be suspended halfway between life and death. Stuporous.


To be stoned is to be pelted with rocks until you are dead.


To be a human is to be made up of elements, mostly water. To be a rock is to be a collection of minerals. Like humans, rocks are subject to a cycle of destruction. They form. They break down.


To be a rock band is not at all the same as being a band of rock.


To a human, a stone is hard. They are not to be thrown at other humans, except those who carry machine guns. To a stone, there is no such thing as a human.


To a reader of the Bible, a stone and a stone (large and small) should not be carried. There are no more stones. Only kilograms.


To those who live in glass houses: don’t throw stones (who lives in a glass house? Do you?)


To the Greeks, Medusa was a monstrous human female with snakes for hair. To look at her was to turn to stone. (If you take your love from me/I’ll turn to stone, turn to stone/If your love I couldn’t call my own/I’ll turn to stone, turn to stone.)


To me you are perfect a rock. Love me like a rock (she rocks me like the rock of ages).


To Erasmus Burger, a PhD Student in geology at the University of Pretoria, the opposite of a stone would be an artificial and organic liquid. Because synthetic insulin is made from genetically modified bacteria, Erasmus would go with that.


To be a rock is to risk thermal shock. T h e      r   m                      al   s     ho         c           k            is             when   a         t                                       herm           al gradient ca                       uses diffe                   rent par ts of                 an ob           ject t o  e                                   xp a nd by d                         ifferent a                 m      ounts.


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