Every Wednesday morning my friend Kate sends me a word and I free-write about it for 30 minutes. The idea is to break from my habitual ways of writing, and to refresh my writing muscles on ‘hump day’, the notoriously difficult midpoint of the working week. The inspiration came from Charlie, the youngest member of a young writers’ group that I run, who told me about the school journal she keeps based on simple writing prompts from her teacher. I spend a lot of time writing about big, concrete things like politics and climate change, and loved the idea of responding to an abstract prompt like ‘fish’, which I borrowed for this blog’s first post. This kind of free associating can do all kinds of things – including show up our woeful ignorance! – but it is, as its name suggests, immensely freeing. It is also revealing – of things we had forgotten, or forgotten we knew, or things we had not realised we thought or felt. If you are here simply to read, please enjoy. I hope you can find it in your heart to look past my typos, which I thought I would leave in to give a sense of my process, and as a reminder of the unpolished nature of these words. ┬áIf you are a writer yourself, please feel free to share Kate’s Words with me, or ask a friend to do the same for you – one word a week, every Wednesday. It really is enjoyable.